office golf track for office putting practiceThis is a sneak peak, coming soon…

HOW TO PLAY OFFICE GOLF with “office golf in a box” kitputting track for the office

 Office golf and office putting has been around for a long time and it can be played in a million ways.  Now we’ve come up with a whole new kind of putting track to make creating office golf holes super  easy. All you need is a putter, golf ball, designated ‘tee box’ and hole. Your course can run through  your office, home or even outside on an astroturf playing field or rubberized track. With putting  tracks its easy to set up a course nearly anywhere you can chip or putt a golf ball.

 In the past folks would buy green strips of turf or panels you put together. Our thought was why do  any of that if you already have carpeting? If you use our ‘office golf in a box’ kit, all you do is design  your hole and then snap the individual neon pieces together like Lego pieces and you can create  some of the coolest office golf courses known to man.

 The coolest part of our office golf kit is our 45 degree and 90 degree bankers turns that allow you to  create ramps and turns around your office, cubical, cubby or into your boss’s office. the 45 degree  curves make 2ft circles with 4 pieces and the 90’s create 4ft circles with 8 pieces. Creating office golf holes Now you can turn  a simple dog leg par 4 into a potential eagle  opportunity by hitting the banker just right. Now even a lousy putter can make a half  decent score with just a little english off the bankings. Sure, it’s kind of cheating, but it’s  not real golf, after all. It’s just a golf game and a pretty good one at that.

 To be honest Office golf in a box is the perfect ‘golfy’ holiday present for any boss,  superior, pretentious golf snob or serious scratch golfer on your list. With one, two or  three par 4 golf kits you can create multiple holes and challenges. Now your fellow  workers can act like a kid again making numerous course configurations from room to  room that sure beat a simple strip of green astroturf and a hole at the end. All you need  is carpeting and your office kit serves as the course.

  WAYS TO PLAY OFFICE GOLF: We designed our office putting course to appeal to Office golf par 4 holeeveryone from the skateboard adolescent to the want-to-be beginner to the serious golfer who is actually trying to improve their putting game, but you slog long hours at the office.

OFFICE GOLF FOR KIDS can be full of ramps, banks and curves so you can try for a hole in one while going from room to room. If you are a hipster who wants to simply impress your fellow office mates you can augment your golf course with jumps and banks that everyone will try again and again. But if you are the hardcore golf purist who simply doesn’t want to cheat, you can create cool par 3 – 4 and 5 holes where you have to lag your putts to the perfect location to make your dog legs and if you hit the side, you’ve gone OB, out of bounds and you get a penalty stroke.

OTHER OFFICE GOLF GAMES: Office bocce.  As we developed our putting track it became clear that a really cool game is to create a long track with two round ends. Players have 4 balls just like bocce. The object of office golf bocce is to try and get closest to the hole. Each player putts and tries to knock the other player out of position. How cool is that? Check out the official bocce rules and just apply them to putting. Now you can take a break during work and have a quick putt off with your office mates. Pretty cool.

OFFICE PUTTING COMPETITIONS are what our putting tracks were designed for. Now workers can waste hour after hour not only competing against one another over meaningless putting competitions but also spend even more time drawing up, designing and perfecting office golf courses your boss will loath. So stop reading this blog during work hours, and go out and get a 3 hole office putting kit and get back to work. Then when it gets to you, please design your coolest holes and then submit them to our website for weekly and monthly prizes. We will then love you and your boss will love you because if you win, at least someone in your office is making some money.

NOW LETS GO OFFICE NIGHT GOLF CRAZY: With just a few UV black light Glow blasters, you can now turn your office golf competition into a cosmic night golf extravaganza!!! Our putting tracks are coming in 4 neon fluorescent colors so that you can create a different color hole every putting hole. Pretty cool stuff. Then you just place our blaster stands around your office and you have an awesome cosmic black light putting challenge. Give us a call because if you are having a competition we can rent you the blasters for just a weekend.

REMEMBER TO DRESS UP TO CREATE A NEON VIBE: When everyone comes to the event in the evening, have them dress up in their best glow clothing.