night golf balls

Night Golf Competition:

We just got a cool game of ‘golf pong’ sent to us from our buddy Mike Flatley in Westchester, PA. He sent us these photos from an event he created in his back yard. He used the glowgear marker lights, night golf target lights and Neon Cosmic putting track to light up the competition. They then took our mobile UV Glowblaster lights and lit up the event so everyone glowed like Tron.

Target Pitch Glow Golf Rules


–   This is a 2 player game if using the GlowV2  glow golf ball or a 4 player game using a limited flight glow golf ball

Night golf pong gamenight golf pong game 1

  • 2 Player Game – Players begin together on one side of the field. Basically you play just like Corn Hole of beer pong, you simply try to get your shots inside the two circle to score. Each player begin on the same side of the playing field. Player 1 on the left side of the target, Player 2 on the right side.
      • Flip a coin or Roshambo to determine who goes first
      • Players have 3 balls each and rotate hitting pitch shots at the opposing target. The goal is to score points and reach 21 points before your opponent does.
      • Outside ring = 1 point. Inner ring = 3 points, Inside of the inner ring is a Glow Target (Flagstick) that has a small green cup at the base of it. If a player’s makes it in the green cup…that player automatically wins the game.
      • After each player has hit their shots, they retrieve their balls at the other end. Once one of the players makes it to 21, then win.

    Here are some very cool shots of this night golf game in action. It’s great for the backyard or during a night golf event at your golf course of even at a school. Then add cosmic corn hole and some legitimate night golf and you have a rockn’ evening.


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