night_golf_Becks_beeramerican_flag_Becks_beerNIGHT GOLF WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! We had a great weekend creating an American flag in lights for our neighborhoods at Blue Bell Creameries. They were generous enough to let us set up a bunch of lights (easy 1/2 hour of set up) and create some art. It only took 54 markers to create the flag. We can’t wait to see what others will do with our lights to create larger logos for golf tournaments and sporting events. Our next logo will be the Louisville Cardinal logo. I think it will need 100 markers. Stay tuned on that.

We also are very proud of our new branding stickers for our glow chargers, targets and course markers. With just a specially printed decal we transform our glow chargers into glowing Becks and Coke bottles. Our back light branding stickers make all the difference. Now players will be able to play a around of night golf in corporate style. Now sponsors like Mercedes can do tasteful, upscale night golf events for the evening night golf crowd.

The key advantages to being able to brand your night golf course elements revolve around opening up the night to new events that players will want to come back to again and again.

With branding, our lighting system goes far beyond just golf course lighting. It allows a course to light up their walkways, driveways, lounge, patio and party areas. You can also create what we call definition lighting where you can take a designated area and cordon it off for juniors so as to create a border between the golf course and the junior area. This creates safety as well as a well defined area for play.

For fundraisers, you can now usher your players down the drive and to the course with title sponsor branding, then wow your players with a different sponsor on each hole. Traditional sign board branding cannot touch our glow branding day or night.

The final advantage to our course branding is that it works day and night. Now a beverage sponsor can do an event that starts in the day and ends in the night. Something golf courses have never been able to offer.

Thank you again to Blue Bell Creameries for their support. Their ice cream is awesome by the way. We now have a case of assorted flavors in our refrigerator. You should definitely try them.