7 Easy Steps to creating a memorable night golf event

   STEP #1: A cool Glow poster really helps: If you are a golf course or promoter putting on a night golf event, having an awesome ‘call to action’ poster is a key first step. Just place it next to your starter window and watch people start asking questions. And since Laser Glow isn’t your average glow stick golf event, people will be very interested. Just tell them to come with their best florescent/Black light duds and you will create a very cool party.


     STEP #2: Pre and post event parties are something you want to publicize because the more people socialize before their round, during and after, the better your fundraiser will do and the more people will have fun.

     STEP #3: Make your events co-ed. Why not. After all it’s an evening fun event. We are not the PGA Tour. This is no place for cut throat competition. It’s a time to enjoy. So…do we need to say more about this. Enough said…just do it.

     STEP #4: You want to create games and activities for those who are not playing. This means fun events during your pre-party cocktail mixer like a hole in one from the bar (using the off-course safe UV Groovy Glow ball), flop shot and putting contests. Note that all of these can be made to glow with just a few glow blasters. Creating sizzle is that simple.  Then, when the players go off and play, these events can keep friends and family busy while the players go through the course.


     STEP #5: It’s critical to have an after party where everyone can tell their fish stories of how they skied the green with their new driver etc. A normal 9 hole night golf round will take around 1.5 hours. There is nothing like playing some majorly fun glow golf and then ending up at a party that is already in full swing. Guests, friends and family already having a great time.

     STEP #6: When you can create critical mass in the form of a night party, everyone benefits. The players have a memorable time when they meet someone new. Then the course/fundraiser feels the success when they are able to raise money through entry fees, food and beverage and product sales. Win-win on all sides. This is key to making sure people come back.


     STEP #7: Buzz and word of mouth is everything when building your night golf following. Thanks to our UV black lights, players will be able to take pictures of their friends and playing partners. Something never before possible with glow sticks and batons. Without this Black light, everyone brails around the course and no one takes pictures…because they can’t!!! I know it’s an odd ‘step’ to take note of but with out being able to see the fun, how is anyone going to spread the word and have people want to play again.  Definitely tell people to take pictures and tell their friends. It can make a huge difference in your next event.  


  • Put the poster next to your starter window
  • Send poster and details to your members as an email or blog entry
  • Have a pre-event mixer and post event mixer
  • Give it a cool name
  • Put up a few prizes
  • Sign up sponsors and put them on your course
  • Create cool black light golf games like a putting course, flop shot, glass break or bunker shot
  • Make your games kid friendly so players bring their kids and family along for the ride
  • Give prize for best cell phone photo. Then have them spread it around to their friends
  • Give discounts to players to come back to the next event
  • Give players discounts if they bring another golfer or non-golfer