UV GROOVY GLOW BALL: You are now free to play golf anywhere and anytime

Can you believe it? The first limited distance, off course safe glow ‘golf’ ball that flies 100 yards and is off course safe around cars and windows. Just like the award winning almostGolf ball, you can play around the neighborhood, parks or your school playing fields with real golf ball performance and it glows!!! What is the secret? The ball is powered by patented almostGolf ball technology where the core is pressurized with CO2 gas, so its super light, but with nearly half the bounce of a traditional golf ball


  • 15.5 grams
  • True ball flight
  • 10 minute glow between charges
  • UV Flashlight included
  • Unlimited ability to glow





 GLOW TOUR V1: The first Tour quality glow golf ball

Introducing our first Tour quality regulation golf ball that performs as well as any 3 piece golf ball…and it really glows. By putting photoluminescent pigment in the skin of our ball, you now get pure golf ball feel from a ball that is made the same way we make other performance golf balls. No glow sticks to break your clubs for flashing LED lights to deaden your shots and fly a fraction of your regular ball. These balls are great for early morning or twilight play when you need to get in an extra hole or two and you want a ball that gives you the same yardage and performance of your regular golf balls.


  •  Regulation weight
  • 90 Compression
  • 10 minutes of glow between charges
  • UV flashlight included
  • True tour quality performance



LASER GLOW GOLF POINT OF SALE DISPLAY: The ultimate counter top sales sizzler

LASER GLOW POINT OF SALE DISPLAY: If you are a retailer who would love to offer on and off-course glow balls to your members and guests, our compact POS display holds 12 sleeves and fits conveniently on the counter top.