NIGHT GOLF REINVENTED: Here is our 3 hole course case. It’s an amazing creation and it makes storing your Laser Glow lighting system easy and modular. We are now truly ‘Golf course in a box’. The case is made of durable laminated foam with notched channels so that the charging ports for all marker bases will line up down the open side. This makes for easy charging without ever removing the marker bases. Congrats to everyone at LaserGlow for this ground breaking improvement.


How the case will work. Two 3 hole cases go together on a pallet for easy shipping. If you want to ship a 9 hole night golf course you simply put another 3 hole case on top, on it’s side. We designed the cases so that you can fit the modular cases into a vehicle or onto a golf cart easily. The key to our cases are that all you now need to do is take the case from your vehicle or storage, place it on a golf cart and then start placing markers around your course. When you are done, just drive back around, pick up the markers and place them back in their case. When you are ready to charge up markers, they are ready to go. No need to remove them or do anything. Just plug them in and watch them charge up fast. Marker power bases charge up in less than two hours. Can’t do that with a glow stick.

This is one more reason why Night Golf will never be the same again.