Introducing the first rechargeable, mobile, black light glow golf course, that can be set up in an hour and taken down in less. Now you can put on prime time evening events when your members and friends are available…after work. Give us a call to find out how your course or event can benefit from renting or buying a mobile Glow Golf course and start turning on the night.


“Open up your prime time” when people have the time and desire to have fun and spend money.

  • Glow golf Leagues and corporate events.
  • Sell more Food and Beverages.
  • Reactivate your fundraisers with sizzle Junior and family events.
  • Bring safe night glow golf to schools and parks.

putting track for night golfLaser Glow golf came about when we realized that golf needed to do what cosmic bowling did. They replaced their boring white lights with disco black light and the industry blew up and now cosmic glow bowling is a global phenomenon. Basically they were successful in re-attracting the 90% of us who work.



night golf balls by GlowgearBut golf posed some serious hurdles of course size and distance. How can we light up a golf course and create a mood without havingto put up prohibitively expensive stadium lighting?  It took 3 years of hard work but we have solved it using cutting edge ‘cell phone’ battery technology to create a series of light pylons that are both UV and 12 different colors. Along with this we’ve invented the Glow Golf Tour V1, the only tournament grade glow golf ball.

Glow Balls may be the most important part of the night golf experience but they are by no means the only accessory. To find out more about Glow Clothing visit Glow Gear – a lighting, action wear and event company started in 2012 by Robert Peterson and Gwen Abel. They strive to open up the night with upscale lighting for all kinds of sports from Golf to running. Their mobile, rechargeable glow lights also serve to light up walkways, driveway and out door parties.