Turn your office into a cosmic black light office golf tournament

With the invention of our cosmic putting track, aka ‘golf course in a box’ you can now create some pretty crazy office golf holes and tournaments. All you need are a few holes of our putting track, a few UV black lights (we can supply) and you have the makings of an awesome Thursday or Friday office golf championship. Here are few simple steps to creating your own office golf event. It can be a few holes or an entire 18 cosmic challenge. They can also be great charity fundraisers through schools or anywhere there is carpet or artificial turf.

Step #1: Select your office. Then design your course with ample bankers around cubicals and shots down stairs etc. Remember, our GlowV2 – glow in the dark golf ball can handle bouncing down stairs in the dark and look really cool, so don’t worry about going through dark areas.

Step #2: Get some folks to volunteer to set up your course and test it
Step #3: Tell everyone to bring their putters and glow clothing for a fun party
Step #4: Have a great party!!! Take lots of photos and send them to us!!! We love cool office golf course designs

Here are a few photos of office golf we’ve done. Enjoy.

office golf holes and course

full office golf putting track set up on indoor soccer field

office golf putting track setup

shot of our office golf hole par 3

putting track for office golf

office golf games to play

To many Night office golf should be it’s own semi-professional sport. In fact, night golf competitions of all kinds should simply be a national pastime. Give us a call at Glowgear and we can create an “office golf in a box” kit for your event to buy or rent. So the winter is coming and this is the perfect time for an indoor golf event. 310.999.9767 or info@glowgear.net

office golf putting kit

glow office golf hole

putting track made for office golf hole at night

shot of daytime offfice golf game

office golf games to play

glow putting track for office golf games