On the outside a night golf event is run like a normal daytime golf event, but when you produce a few and understand the new opportunities and the restrictions of night time play, evening golf events can be a very different animals indeed.

Advantages of putting on a night golf event

  1. They are convenient: Since 90 percent of us work, the evening is the best time to get folks to come out and participate in a golf fundraiser, golf league or golf event. Most people, either rich or pour simply cannot take off time from work to play a daytime event.
  2. Opens golf up to more people: There are a lot of young golfers, adult knock around golfers and non-golfers looking for evening sports to play. So now you have an even wider range of recreational athletes you can reach through such sports website registration engines as active.com and golfnow.com
  3. More profitable for the golf course: Since it’s the evening you will find a significant increase in food and beverage sales, which can be a huge benefit to the bottom line of a golf charity event or to the golf course
  4. Opens golf up to a wider demographic of players and non-players: By combining on course play with night ‘cosmic’ putting and even a cosmic skills competition, you now can bring in the families and friends, which make your golf event more than just a pure 74 player pay to play event. Especially cosmic putting brings in the kids and families