Night golf is pretty much the same as golf, but it’s played at night using various forms of night golf balls. Some, like the GlowV2 are lit by charging up their photoluminescent skin with UV light from a flashlight. Others glow with an LED and others glow with a glow stick stuck in them.

Night golf can be played in several different ways. You can play your traditional golf course with all the clubs in your bag. You can also play a modified version of the game where you only use one or two clubs as well as your putter. This ‘short course’ version of the game allows you to mix things up and design a course that jumps around the golf course with 80-150 yard holes. For a private club, this is a great format because players are so used to playing the same course, a creative short course is a great way to mix things up and keep the golf experience fresh.

Recently we’ve introduced a series of skills competitions like Flop Shot limbo, tic tac toe, glass break and cosmic putting that gives players a chance to test their true abilities. Check out our various skills pages. Combine skills with a 9 hole short course and you have an awesome and very creative night golf event.