Raising money through traditional golf events have several pitfalls primarily revolving around that fact that most of us out in the world, be we rich or pour, tend to work. So having a Monday-Wednesday fundraiser can become a nightmare when it comes to getting players to participate. The other issue revolves around creating any kind of cool because during the week you will find it nearly impossible to attract young professionals to your event who are busy working an building their careers because facebook and linkdin have pretty much replaced golf courses as an effective way to network with other professionals

Night golf fundraisers can now open up your event to multiple formats like 2 club short course events, cosmic skills competitions and cosmic putting competitions. Another advantage to doing night golf is the fact that it’s a whole lot easier to get players, because they are not working. But the biggest advantage is your ability to garner revenue through food and beverage sales. Simply put, golfers drink and eat a whole lot more in the evening than they do during the day. As a result you can have a low cost of entry but get your major charity revenue from food and beverage.

Another best practice is to create cosmic skills around the clubhouse along with fun ‘non-golfer’ activities like corn hole/bag toss so that you keep friends and family close to the food and party.

Don’t forget a DJ for your night golf fundraiser because it’s a great way to entertain and create the needed vibe to keep young people partying and donating to your various challenges.

Finally, all our cosmic skills, putting etc. are great ways to have players ‘pay up’ and donate extra dollars to try and win each competition.