Lighting up a night golf event is very important. In the past people could only light up the course with glow sticks that were barely visible. This made night golf both dangerous and pretty much like brailing in the dark. But with the inception of the laserglow lighting system and glow gear belts, now players and the course are marked with enough light to create both safety and sizzle.

Our course markers are 10” high and provide 15 shades of color and 4 flashing modes. You use these to either line each fairway or to create a clear dotted line down the middle of the fairway.

Our target lights are bright and provide the 15 shades in the cone as well as a wide green light on the bottom that creates a 2ft circle around the hole. These lights are bright enough to see from hundreds of yards away.

The 3ft high glow charger marks your tee box, and charges up your GlowV2 night golf ball with a powerful UV light in the top. This light is also 15 color shades and great for putting a branding sticker on when you have a sponsor

We also provide two kinds of remote, battery powered lights. The UV GlowBlaster, that packs 3 watts of UV blacklight in a compact rechargeable case. This light is great for glowing out cosmic putting track and players wearing neon duds. We also carry the super powerful Colorblaster in blue and green. These are great to light up the tee box, green and party areas at night with cool evening glow.