Cosmic night golf putting competition

Cosmic Putting Course at Glenn Eagle Golf Course

A BLACK LIGHT NIGHT GOLF EVENT YOU CAN SET UP IN AN HOUR: This last Friday night, we went to our local golf course, Eagle Creek golf course in La Grange, KY to put on a test and exhibition of our UV Black light Glow blasters. We used them to light up the front practice putting green in what we now call a ‘Cosmic Putting’ competition.

Earlier that day we had told a few caddies and maintenance kids about our test. They were clearly curious. So as the sun went down we set up three black light golf holes on their practice putting green. Much to my surprise every kid we told about the event showed up to ‘kick the tires’ and try out our new kind of night golf putting. From the pictures you can see our mobile black lights really worked. It was great. I shot for more than an hour and none of them got tired of hitting shots.

How it works: Setting up a Black light putting course is pretty simple. You just need a glow charger per hole along with some tee box markers and a glow target for each hole. Then you create the course with our super cool fluorescent striping that connects together with traditional golf tees. The really cool thing about cosmic putting is that you can make par 3 – 4 – 5 holes by creating creative dog legs that take advantage of the slope of the green. Your course can be super easy or super hard. You can even change the course between rounds so qualifying rounds are fun and easy for everyone and the finals are a bit tougher.


Cosmic Putting has several key advantages as a charity fundraiser or simply a fun golf course competition everyone can try out.

  1. Night Golf puttingPlayers are available at night: It’s at night so everyone who wants to have fun is available, especially high school and college kids looking for cool social event to do.
  2. It’s Groovy: The UV black lights bounce off everyone like Tron and makes it truly “Cosmic” like no other night golf has ever been able to do. Players can see the course, each other and the balls in complete glow. that has never happened before.
  3. Everyone can play it: Unlike real golf or real night golf, Cosmic putting competitions are visual, super social, and you can now bring your non-golfing boyfriend, girlfriend or family member.
  4. Safe night golf: It’s super safe night golf without the golf carts whizzing around in the dark and balls flying around. Now golf courses don’t have to worry about the dangers of night golf. All they need are a few practice putting greens combined with a few close greens like the 18th green and you can create an 18 hole Cosmic black light Glow Golf course in about an hour.
  5. It’s super social: Unlike playing golf on 150 acres, cosmic golf is a tight, social night golf event that can have music, a DJ, MC and prizes. Now everyone is within 100 yards of one another. This creates a social critical mass that golf events usually lack because of the distances people have to be from one another for safety. Instead you have players on one hole rubbing elbows with players on another hole. That doesn’t happen too often in golf.
  6. Easy to set up and take down: Since the course is made up of super reflective fluorescent stripes and curves, a dozen rechargeable UV Glow Blasters, rechargeable target lights and markers, setting up an 18 hole course can take as little as an hour.
  7. Affordable: Cosmic Glow Putting can be as inexpensive as $500 for an event. All players need to do is bring something fluorescent to wear and we supply the course, balls and putters.

  8. Play Everywhere: Here is the best part. Cosmic putting courses can be set up nearly anywhere on and off the golf course. If you are doing a high school fundraiser and you have one of those cool rubber tracks or an astroturf playing field, why not create your course there. A nice 18 hole course could circumnavigate your track or crisscross the football field. If you have an office building with lots of carpeting, you have the makings of an amazing halloween or Christmas night golf event through your facility. With Cosmic putting there really is no limit to the types of night golf courses you can create. The only limit is your own creativity. Long live glow blasters!!!

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