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The Laser Glow Golf Story


In 2003 the Peterson brothers (Rob and Tom) launched the almostGolf ball. The first CO2 pressurized practice golf ball on the market. In 2012 and beyond it has become the undisputed #1 practice golf ball in the world. It is also the defacto ball of choice for the growing urbangolf, streetgolf and Crossgolf movements in Europe.

Laser Glow Golf came about when we realized that golf needed to do what cosmic bowling did. They replaced their boring white lights with disco black light and the industry blew up and now cosmic glow bowling is a global phenomenon.  Basically they were successful in re-attracting the 90% of us who work.

But golf posed some serious hurdles of course size and distance. How can we light up a golf course and create a mood without having to put up prohibitively expensive stadium lighting?  It took 3 years of hard work but we have solved it using cutting edge ‘cell phone’ battery technology to create a series of light pylons that are both UV and 15 different colors. Along with this we’ve invented the GlowV2, the only tournament grade glow ball in golf .


And now, we are producing Cosmic Putting track with neon so you can play the world’s coolest glow putting anywhere. Produce events indoors or on practice putting greens. It’s been a long and interesting road and we are excited about the new glow products we are coming out with for 2015 and beyond. Check out our product site