Glow golf mini golf hole

COSMIC PUTTING EVENTS CAN NOW COME ON CAMPUS: Colleges, high schools and clubs can now put on super tight, social golffundraisers that glow in the dark thanks to our new Neon cosmic putting track. Schools can put on 9 – 18 – 36 hole night putting events on a rubberized track or synthetic playing fields or virtually anywhere with real sizzle and a level of creativity that goes as far as your brain will think!!! The best part is that with Cosmic black light events, more of your supporters can come out in the evening because they are off the clock and are not working. That’s been the biggest problem with daytime golf fundraisers.


  • Open to everyone: Everyone can play no matter your skill level. Or, you can layout putting holes to match the skill level of your players.
  • More players can play: All your players and even spectators are available because it’s at night and they aren’t working.
  • Infinitely Flexible: A cosmic putting course can be set up virtually anywhere and the more players you have, we simply put out more holes for them to play. It’s that easy.
  • Super Creative: You can customize your course in a million different ways
  • Great team building: Now you can sign up teams to compete with many cool formats. You can also get teams to design and compete for the coolest holes.
  • Cosmic Sponsorship: Forget the old hole sponsorship signs, we can provide affordable yet professional glowing logos that are illuminated with the course lighting giving sponsors great exposure and value.


Neon black light mini golf holes

WHAT DOES A COSMIC PUTTING FUNDRAISER LOOK LIKE? A Cosmic Night Golf fundraiser can take place in nearly any environment you have indoor or outdoor. You simply design the holes, snap together the tracks to make thecourse, then put up some of our very cool UV Cosmic Blacklights and then start playing. Events can include anywhere from 9 -18 – 24 – 36 holes in a nearly endless array of shapes and sizes.

Each Cosmic Putting course comes with

  • 1 – 40″ high Glow Charger to charge up you glow ball
  • 2 – Glowing tee box markers
  • 1  Glow target or glow hole to finish off each hole
  • Enough Neon reflective glow track to make any course configuration you would like.


WHAT ARE OUR FUNDRAISING MODELS? You can raise money in several different ways with a Cosmic Putting Challenge.

  • You can sign up individual players that pay a tournament fee
  • Create a Cosmic Putt-a-thon where players raise money per hole they play and try to play as many holes as possible in a designated time.
  • Create a team competition where groups, clubs, companies or corporations compete for prizes
  • You can offer prizes inside the event where players pay for extra shots to try and make a hole in one.