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Mobile Walkway glow lighting

THE ULTIMATE NIGHT PARTY LIGHTS: If you need upscale mobile lighting to accent any party or event, consider the Laser Glow lighting. Our lights are beautiful, durable, and water proof to the point of being submersable. All lights last up 8 – 36 hours between recharging and provide multi light options with 7 primary colors, […]

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Night Golf Putting goes nuts in Chicago

COSMIC NIGHT PUTTING’S GRAND DEBUT: Friday was the grand debut of Cosmic night putting at The Billy Caldwell Golf Course in Chicago. This was definitely a night golf event to remember. We drove up from Louisville through the corn fields  and windmills of Indiana to showcase our new form of neon night golf entertainment. Right now […]

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Cosmic Night Golf Photo Gallery

COSMIC PUTTING IS FINALLY HERE!!! It’s been a great summer so far for Laser Glow Lighting, GlowGear and the sport of Night golf. Here are some photos of our most recent cosmic putting events as well as night golf shots. Thanks to our state of the art UV Glow Blasters we are able to turn […]

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Cosmic golf lighting – Day and Night – Giant Lava Lamps

THEY LOOK LIKE GIANT LAVA LAMPS!!! Here is our day and night comparison of our night golf target, Glow charger and course markers. What is becoming more and more clear is that Laser Glow lights go far beyond just lighting a golf course up. You can use our lights for walkway lighting, party lighting, glow […]

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