Night Golf

Laser Glow Golf came about when we realized that golf needed to do what cosmic bowling did.  They replaced their boring white lights with disco black light and the industry blew up and now cosmic glow bowling is a global phenomenon. Basically they were successful in re-attracting the 90% of us who work. Glow Gear is a laser glow golf company – they make the night golf balls, the lights and glow clothing that make night golf both possible. Laser Glow Golf believes that night golf is more than just playing golf at night – it is a fun experience – and we maintain this blog to share these fun ideas and night golf games.

glow golf tic tac toe

Tic Tac Toe

Challenge any golfer with our glowing Tic Tac Toe Golf board 9ft across. Great game on greens or fairways


Flop Shot Limbo

Create a flop shot competition with a neon glowing wall that raises up to 9ft high. Its fun for all the family



Challenge your players with a giant 16ft high glowing X. It’s impressive at any distance and super bright


3 Chip Skills

Create a chipping skills competition on your practice green or open space from any distance and for any skill level


Cosmic Putting

Create creative  putting holes using our neon infused putting track. They are banked to create all kinds of challenges


Cosmic Night Golf

Play full course or short course. Our glow balls, marker and target lights and glow belts make it a brighter and safer experience for everyone